WOWZAPP – Get visibility for your app

MS 12_262_Logo_taglineWOWZAPP is right around the corner with more and more partners signing up for the event! So why do so many companies sign up for the event? In addition to all the free training, help from experts and recruiting capabilities (there will be students as well), they are interested in the visibility they’ll gain from the event!

As you might guess the event will gather quite a lot of attention, not only because it’s a huge developer-event in Finland but because it’s a big event worldwide. Companies like Avanade, Symbio, Sulava, RAY Innovation & Future Lab and many more are taking part in the event. The Finnish event will be home for many Microsoft representatives who are looking for showcase Windows 8 apps from Finland. This is a great chance for partners to get their app out there visible and possibly get some extra promotional help from Microsoft. You might get your app highlighted in the Store, Tietoviikko’s app of the week, or on other websites and print!

You can find a list of the staff at

new_9guy_2Channel9 will be attending WOWZAPP from Finland!

Channel9 is a very popular website for developers and enthusiasts alike. It’s a source of videos about the newest releases in technology and video-guides for developers. You can check out for example their series on Migrating apps from Windows Phone to Windows 8 or check out their WOWZAPP video with Andrew Parsons, who is also coming to Finland!

The Channel9 crew has decided that they will take part in the Finnish WOWZAPP event and will be delivering content straight from the 24H event. So track them down and get your 5 minutes of fame!

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