Why should I attend a 24 hackathon? 20 000€ that’s why.

imageYesterday AppCampus announced that they would award the best app idea at WOWZAPP with a 20 000€ grant, for the idea to be taken to the Windows Phone platform. So in addition to all the expert developer support, designer support, great fun and a ton of sleepdeprived geeks, you may be able to boost your idea with 20 000€!


AppCampus and WOWZAPP

As you may know AppCampus funds only Windows Phone projects, so how does this relate to WOWZAPP the Windows 8 hackathon? To make this simple:

  1. You come up with an app and idea
  2. You come to WOWZAPP to develop a Windows 8 prototype
  3. AppCampus will choose the best idea and give it a grant
  4. You use that money to also build a Windows Phone version of your app.
  5. Be happy and rock the Stores!

How Team TWD got their funding after 24h

I know what you’re thinking, it’s impossible to get 20 000€ after just 24h of work…so I’ll prove you wrong! Team Turku World Domination received a 50 000€ grant a few weeks back during the Nokia Do Good Hackathon, after working for just 24 hours. They didn’t win because of 24 hours of development work, they won because they had the best idea at the hackathon!

During the WOWZAPP hackathon you’ll be able to present your app idea and develop a Windows 8 app prototype with expert support. This is a great chance to get extra support from Microsoft and the partner network. Also remember AppCampus is looking for the best idea, that will be taken to the Windows Phone platform, so you don’t have to be a supercoder, you just need to have a good idea!

But let’s hear it from the Turku World Domination-team (they’re still setting up their company and deciding on the final name)!

557847_10150733904849474_548514165_nSo guys, you just received a 50 000€ grant from AppCampus! Could you give us a short description of your project?

Our team consists of three guys from the City of Turku. Jesse Tuominen and Petrus Tuominen (not related) are currently studying in the Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) and Juhani Hakala who’s also a former student of TUAS.

Our project is called MediKit. It’s a Windows Phone application to serve user with medical information. It has three main purposes: 1) It has medical tutorials common situations like “how to give CPR”, 2) Based on User profile, application can tell to user when user is ready to donate blood again. User can track own blood type donation status and get a push notification when their own blood type is running low. 3) Location service tracks user location and can show the nearest donation center on map.

Why did you originally join the hackathon?

Well, everyone has their own story, but some of us (Jesse) actually started by organizing these hackathons. Now they have grown into a much bigger events. Juhani came along, because he needed his kick to learn something new and more challenging than web-programming. Petrus attended to his first Hackathon in February 2012. After that Petrus has been addicted to Hackathons.

422973_10150557836044352_1196443044_nWhat’s your favorite thing about hackathons?

The favorite thing is the awesome prizes. The great thing is the most of the people are not there for prizes, its the experience and being part of this weird society. You can also feel the atmosphere and the excitement among the participants.

I heard a wild rumour, that one time wasn’t enough for you.. Why do you keep coming back to hackathons?

Hackathons are great! Getting together with likeminded people who are enthusiastic about creating something cool in a short amount of time. They give a little kick when you need it to start learning something new. Without these events its pretty lazy to start from the beginning.

What advice would you give to the brave souls who are going to attend WOWZAPP in Finland?

Use your time wisely. Plan what you are trying achieve in your project before you start to develop it. Don’t use too much time in the things that doesn’t matter in the presentation, instead try to increase the cool effect of the project. Remember time is not on your side. So create mockup of your application first then start finalizing it. And if feel dead tired, there’s no shame of taking “power nap” (well, there is, but don’t tell anyone)….. And remember even the event name starts WOW, please do not try to make World of Warcraft 2. And most importantly have some fun!


So what are you waiting for, sign up for WOWZAPP now and get those 20 000€ that the people of AppCampus are ready to provide to you! Sign up now and amaze us!

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